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Our Story

Our Story

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Walking Adventures International had its beginnings over thirty years ago when my father George Friesen, a high school history and foreign language teacher, started organizing and directing tours to Europe. In 1988, he began basing all his tours on the winning combination of motorcoach sightseeing blended with two to four hour walks. This concept grew in popularity, and in 1992, I joined my Dad and helped expand Walking Adventures International to new areas of the planet.

Walking is the oldest form of travel, and we soon discovered it is also the purest form of travel. It slows us down and gives our senses a chance to connect with our surroundings. Early on, our travel programs were based exclusively upon 10 kilometer (6.2 mile) trails sponsored by walking clubs affiliated with the International Federation of Popular Sports. These events provided the added dimension of walking with the locals, everyday citizens from the host country who love walking and love sharing it with others.

As we’ve taken our message of walking blended with motorcoach travel farther afield during the past several years, we’ve continued to slow our travel pace and look for ever more creative ways to use walks to connect with the culture, history, and scenery of our destination. Most walks in international destinations are now planned by WAI staff. These new-model walking adventures generally combine a greater number of shorter walks, still blending them with local points-of-interest and cultural experiences. More and more, the focus is on the experience rather than the distance walked. The walk has become the experience!

Walking Adventures International offers an up-close and personal style of travel to all 50 states of the USA, and in more than 60 countries on all 7 continents!

Imagine yourself …

  • strolling along tropical beaches and trekking across volcanic craters in Hawaii
  • walking atop China’s magnificent Great Wall
  • wandering through the breathtaking scenery of our American national parks
  • ”bushwalking” around Lake Matheson’s reflective waters on New Zealand’s South Island
  • exploring the quintessential New England village of Middlebury, Vermont during the blazing colors of autumn
  • experiencing the fjords, waterfalls, and solitude of Norway
  • sampling Europe’s smorgasbord of history, culture, and scenery in the Alpine countries of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria
  • clamoring over the mystical ruins of Peru’s magical Machu Picchu
  • winding your way through Cambodia’s magnificent Angkor Wat temples, draped with tropical foliage
  • connecting with a rural community in the rolling hills of South Africa’s Zululand, or
  • hiking to the rim of Penguin Island’s volcano in Antarctica, at the bottom of the world!

Travel has enriched my life immeasurably and I invite you to peruse our website and imagine yourself walking the trails of the world with Walking Adventures. We welcome you to join us for more than just a walking tour!

Dan Friesen, President
Walking Adventures International

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