Tour Building & Support Team

Chris Cooper, Accountant

Chris Cooper, Accountant

Chris manages the accounting functions at Walking Adventures. In addition to enjoying the great hiking and camping opportunities available in the Pacific Northwest, he has traveled within the United States, visited Canada, Europe, and Central America, and is always looking forward to his next Adventure!

Dani Friesen Adventure Consultant

Dani Friesen, Marketing Coordinator

Dani has lived overseas in Indonesia and traveled extensively as a part of WAI guide teams. She loves interacting with other cultures and trying exotic cuisine! She spends much of her time keeping the website updated and sending out email notifications, as well as answering the phones and fulfilling traveler requests, as she looks forward to checking more destinations off of her bucket list.

Scott Isom, Adventure Planner

Scott Isom, Tour Planner

In addition to guiding tours and scouting out new trails for upcoming itineraries, Scott works in office as one of Walking Adventures’ main tour planners. With a love for seeing new sights, interacting with different cultures, and hiking breathtaking trails – Scott has a passion both for travel and for connecting our travelers with the best each region has to offer!

Linda Friesen, Graphics and Marketing

Linda Friesen, Graphics and Marketing

Linda works on much of the paper materials visible to our traveling public – catalogs, flyers, brochures, and final travel packets. Wife of WAI owner Dan Friesen, Linda has enjoyed accompanying Dan on several tours, as well as providing behind the scenes support for nearly 25 years during the growth of the business.

Sierra Suits, Adventure Planner

Sierra Suits, Tour Planner & Adventure Guide

Sierra has a head for details and the heart of an explorer! As a tour planner in the office, she spends much of her time pulling together the ins and outs of WAI Adventures. Her favorite travel experiences so far have both taken place in Eastern Europe – namely exploring Prague, and hiking in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. She believes all destinations have the power to teach and transform, and her only question is… “When do we leave?”