Alaska ~ the Great Land

Part 1: Kenai Peninsula
9 Days • 2018 pricing ~ $4250

Part 2: Denali Delights
Days ~ 2018 pricing ~ $4190

Optional Arctic Midnight Sun Extension
3 Days ~ 2018 pricing ~ $1400

Based upon 2023 survey results, Alaska ~ the Great Land  is open for “pre-registration”. Basic tour information is provided on this webpage, along with a map. Travelers are invited to hold their spots with a refundable $100 preregistration deposit.

Travelers who pre-register will receive a Priority Booking Invitation for full registration when the tour is finalized, which requires an additional $200 ($300 total registration).

Tour Type: Classic Curated


Join us next summer as we explore our 49th state. The area was derisively labeled “Seward’s Folly” when U.S. Secretary of State, William Seward, engineered the U.S. government purchase of the region from Russia in 1867. It is now more appropriately known by the native Aleut word, “Alyeska,” meaning “the great land.”

The program is offered in two parts—Kenai Peninsula and Denali Delights. To maximize your time and airfare and see even more of our largest state, join us for both parts of the tour! Also consider journeying on into the Far North on our new Arctic Midnight Sun Extension, a 3-day bonus adventure from Fairbanks that takes us beyond the Arctic Circle!


  • Kenai Peninsula – at 200 miles long and 100 miles wide, the Kenai Peninsula has a slice of nearly every aspect of Alaska save for the tundra of the Far North: active volcanoes, calving glaciers in Kenai Fjords National Park, a plethora of bear and moose, seemingly unlimited halibut and schools of migrating salmon in the rushing rivers, puffins and terns, and a multitude of other bird life in Kachemak Bay and in the vast Kenai wetland!
  • Denali Delights –starting in Anchorage with the opportunity to explore the wonderful green spaces and historic core of Alaska’s largest city, the centerpiece of the trip is Denali National Park. We see Denali on a nature walk and a top-rated wilderness experience in search of wildlife (yes, grizzlies!). We also hope for views of that enormous, yet elusive massif—Mt. McKinley, tallest peak in North America! The Fairbanks area offers worthwhile attractions like the Alaska Pipeline, Gold Dredge #8, Riverboat Discovery cruise, Running Reindeer Ranch, and Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge.
  • Arctic Midnight Sun Extension – The Arctic Circle, an imaginary line stretching around the globe about three-quarters of the way from the equator to the North Pole, has long been a bucket list destination for those who want to experience the Midnight Sun. On this brief 3-day adventure, we cross the Arctic Circle at 66° 32′ N, with great fanfare, and interact with native Eskimos and hearty settlers in the Far North, traveling along the remote Dalton Highway and enjoying scenic flights through the Brooks Range.
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