Spanish Camino de Santiago 2021

October 3-10, 2021 • 8 Days • Price TBA

Featuring a taste of Spain’s Camino de Santiago. We’ll walk 115 kilometers in all, from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela.

Now accepting Early Bird deposits on this 2021 tour! An Early Bird is a $50 deposit that holds your spot during the planning stages of a trip, when we don’t have a set itinerary or dates. Early Birds are always refundable!

WAI planners and guides have long shared a fascination with northern Spain’s Camino de Santiago—the Way of St. James, and the allure of long-distance walking trails! Several WAI groups have tasted short stretches of this famous, 1000- year-old pilgrimage route on previous Northern Spain tours. After long consideration, WAI now offers a more in-depth Camino experience—that last 115 kilometers! This is a different kind of walking adventure! Walkers walk an average of 23 kilometers per day for 5 days. Group size is limited to 25. Two WAI guides accompany a group of this size and are assisted by a local guide. The start and finish is Madrid, and we travel by bus from Madrid to the start of our trail in Sarria and back to Madrid from Santiago de Compostela. Luggage is limited and transported from hotel to hotel so walkers only carry what is needed for the day in their pack.

We are working on the itinerary for this new tour – updates will be available soon!


Pricing is based on double occupancy.

  • Hotel accommodations
  • All breakfasts and a selection of lunches and dinners
  • WAI guide service throughout (2 guides)
  • Cultural and historical expertise of our local guide throughout
  • All tipping for local guides, coach drivers, and group meals
  • Pricing is based on double occupancy; single accommodations will be available for a fee. We also provide a roommate matching service.

Adventure Pace

Tour Pace: 1 2 3 4 5
Walk Challenge: 1 2 3 4 5

Important Info

Group Size

20-25 travelers


Hotels included


Breakfasts included with a selection of lunches and dinners.


Not included. Start and finish point is Madrid, Spain. We partner with a local travel agent who can help with airfare.



Traveler Age

Our travelers usually range from 50–75 years of age. All ages welcome!

Your Guides

Walking Adventures Guides Roger & Jana DorwayRoger & Jana Dorway have always appreciated the experiential, paradigm-expanding value of travel, and have been privileged to explore destinations on 5 continents. Since retirement, they’ve increased their commitment to discovering the world, fostering a growing desire to share cultural and historical insights as part of the WAI guide team. They look forward to sharing this new and epic Adventure, Spain’s Camino de Santiago, with you!


We are working on the itinerary for this new tour – updates will be available soon!

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DAY 1: Arrive Madrid

We arrive in Madrid before noon and travel by bus to Sarria (we recommend arriving in Madrid the day before).

DAY 2: Sarria to Portomarín (B)

Walk 22 km from Sarria to Portomarín.

DAY 3: Portomarín to Palas de Rei (B)

Walk 25 km from Portomarín to Palas de Rei.

DAY 4: Palas de Rei to Ribadiso (B)

Walk 26.4 km from Palas de Rei to Ribadiso.

DAY 5: Ribadiso to Arca do Pino (B)

Walk 22.2 km from Ribadiso to Arca do Pino.

DAY 6: Arca do Pino to Santiago de Compostela (B)

Walk 19.8 km from Arca do Pino to Santiago de Compostela. Receive the LA COMPOSTELANA certificate and attend the pilgrim’s mass — enjoy Santiago in the evening.

DAY 7: Return to Madrid (B)

Return by bus to Madrid.

DAY 8: Leave Madrid (B)

Return home from Madrid.

More Details

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How do I lock in my place on this Adventure?

Call or mail in your refundable Early Bird ($50) to save your spot! We’ll take 20-25 travelers on this tour, accompanied by 2 Walking Adventures guides, assisted by a local guide, offering a guide to traveler ratio of 1:8.

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Traveler Discounts

No discounts are available for this tour.

How Is Airfare Arranged?

The start and finish point for this tour is Madrid, Spain. More details about flight arrangements and travel agent contact information will be made available after this tour has been finalized.

What about the walks?

We generally walk at a pace of 2 to 3 miles per hour. Walkers will walk an average of 23 kilometers per day for 5 days. Luggage is limited and transported from hotel to hotel so walkers only carry what is needed for the day in their pack. Your experience will be significantly affected by your level of physical fitness. If not walking regularly at home, we strongly recommend that you make a priority of “training” beforehand in order to both enjoy the trip and avoid medical issues due to overexertion. If you have questions about your ability to participate, please talk with our office at 1.800.779.0353.

What happens next?

We are currently developing the itinerary for this Adventure. Once the itinerary is released, we will accept registration deposits ($500) to save space.

If you have Early Birded with a refundable $50 deposit, your spot on the tour will be held for 2 weeks after the itinerary is published while you make a decision on whether or not you’d like to register with an additional $450 deposit, bringing your total on the tour up to $500. If you decide not to join us for this tour, your Early Bird can be refunded or transferred to another tour.