Israel & Jordan

Part 1: Israel ~ More than a Pilgrimage

late February • 8 Days • Approx $3000

Part 2: Jordan & Petra

early March • 6 Days • 2018 pricing~$1750


Based upon April 2023 survey results, Israel & Jordan is now open for “pre-registration”. Basic tour information is provided on this webpage, along with a map. An email will soon go out inviting travelers to hold their spots with a refundable $100 preregistration deposit.

Tours which are popular in the pre-registration phase will continue to be developed into final itineraries with firm dates, detailed itineraries, and final pricing. Traveler who pre-register will have priority access to full registration, which requires an additional $200 ($300 total registration) when the tour is finalized.

Tour Type: Classic Curated


Getting off the bus to walk, and including visits with cultural and historic significance, in addition to the biblical sites, leverages a trip to Israel into “more than a pilgrimage”! We’ve been captivated by Israel and believe you will be too.

Expect to be challenged by the breadth of historical periods that overlap each other in a seemingly endless chain of tribes, conquerors, and kingdoms. You’ll probably be surprised by Israel’s flora and fauna and the verdant green spaces of Galilee and Golan in the north. It’s difficult not to be impressed by the deserts of the south, the Dead Sea, and King Herod’s Masada, the “Alamo” of the Jewish world. Jerusalem is the center of Israel and the Jewish world, and holds many surprises and layers of history and ever-changing archeological discoveries.

Jordan is truly an integral part of “the Holy Land” with ancient connections to the Exodus out of Egypt led by Moses. It is also the site of the most dramatic walks and scenery of this program at the Red Rose City of Petra and the breathtaking Mars-scape of Wadi Rum desert.


  • Sea of Galilee area – where most of Jesus’ miracles were recorded
  • Northern Israel – the surprising green of the Golan region and the headwaters of the Jordan River
  • The Dead Sea  a relaxing dip proves it impossible to sink is these mineral-rich waters
  • Jerusalem – where our strategically situated hotel allows access to the riches of the ancient City of David, Temple Mount, the Western Wall, and fully-encircling walls that serve as one of our walk routes
  • Petra – one of our all-time favorite walks (Jordan)
  • Wadi Rum – a desert with monolithic formations of other-worldly proportions (Jordan)
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