Traveler Rewards

WAI has revised and improved our system of rewards and discounts, effective February 6, 2018 for tours departing 2019 and later.

New Traveler Discount

We want to thank travelers who are trying us out for their first time ever with our New Traveler Discount. The discount ranges from $75 to $300 off the tour price, per person, depending upon the type and length of tour, and is eligible on the first tour for which the traveler registers. Check out the webpage of the tour you are considering for more details!

Alumni Traveler Discount

As a big THANK YOU for joining us again on a Walking Adventure, we offer returning travelers the following percentage discounts off the main tour price, according to the number of trips they have taken:

  • On tours 2-10 – 5% off main tour price
  • On tours 11-20 – 7% off main tour price
  • On tours 21+ – 10% off main tour price

NOTE: Only main tours qualify in computing number of tours taken by a traveler; i.e. Pre-tours and Extensions, etc, are not included in the official tour count. The Alumni Traveler Discount is applied at final billing.

Referral Reward

Traveler households will receive a $100 credit for each person they refer who participates for the first time in a Walking Adventures tour, subject to the following conditions.

The referral reward is effective for travelers participating in tours occurring in 2019 or later, whose first contact with Walking Adventures International is on or after the implementation of our new Traveler Rewards Program 2019 on February 6, 2018.

  • The referred traveler must be someone outside the referring traveler’s household.
  • The referred traveler must identify the referring party by name at the time they first place a deposit on the tour, whether that deposit is an Early Bird or Registration.
  • The referral reward will be earned and considered usable upon the departure of the referred traveler’s first Walking Adventures tour.
  • Referral rewards expire at 3 years from the date of issue.
  • Referral rewards may be used in combination with other discounts, unless specifically excluded on a particular tour.

Pay-by-Check Discount

Our existing pay-by-check discount will continue in place. Travelers paying their final tour balance by check or money order will receive a 1% discount on the amount due. The discounted amount will be printed on your final billing statement.

Old Walk Credits Program (RETIRED)

Walk Credits (formerly called Walking Bucks or Adventure Credit) have been retired. Because all returning travelers will receive the Alumni Traveler Discount, the old Walk Credits program no longer applies.

NOTE: The Traveler Rewards Program is effective February 6, 2018 for tours departing 2019 and later.  Certain tours may exclude use of one or more discounts. Discounts are taken off the final balance of a tour and cannot be applied to Early Bird, Registration, or other partial tour deposits. The terms and conditions of all discounts are subject to change without notice. Contact our office for more details at 800.779.0353 or [email protected].