Traveler Rewards 2018

Below are details on our Traveler Rewards program for 2018 tours. Our discount program has been revised for 2019 trips!

First Time Traveler Savings

In appreciation for joining us for your first Walking Adventure, we offer new travelers a $200 credit on domestic trips (United States, Canada, Mexico) or a $400 credit on international tours! (Note: the amount of this discount may be adjusted for shorter tours. Some destinations are not eligible for the First Time Traveler Savings discount. This discount cannot be combined with any other credits or discounts.)

Group Travel Program

The Group Travel Program rewards travelers who partner with WAI by encouraging other travelers to sign up for an Adventure. Travelers who join a group for a particular tour earn discounts according to the size of their group.

How much are the group discounts?

  • Groups of 5-9:                   5% credit
  • Groups of 10-14:              7.5% credit
  • Groups of 15+:                  10% credit

The group discount is taken off each traveler’s final bill according to how many group members actually register before final billing.

Who can join a group?

Anyone can join a group provided they do so before they register for a tour. Travelers cannot join groups after registration ($500).

The Fine Print

  • Optional excursions, pre-tours, extensions, and group air do not qualify in computing a group discount.
  • Walking Adventures does not divulge group contact information over the phone. The group discount is earned by using and expanding the network of travelers who travel with WAI. It is this network of travelers who start and grow groups.
  • There may be more than one group available for any given tour. Once you join a group, you may not “group hop” to another group.
  • No other discounts or credits may be used in conjunction with a group discount.
  • Joining a group is NOT a registration—it only qualifies you for a discount once 5 or more group members fully register. Don’t forget to Early Bird or Register in conjunction with joining a group.
  • Some destinations may not be eligible for the Group Travel Program.

Start your own group

You may become a Group Leader and start a group at any time — even if you have already registered for a trip!

The Group Leader’s responsibilities are simple:

  • Submit in writing a list of names of those who want to join your group to [email protected].
  • Inform WAI of any changes to the group (additions or deletions from the group list).

It’s that easy!

A group as small as 5 qualifies for a discount. As a group grows, so does the discount. AND….the Group Leader earns 50% more of a discount than the group members (ex: group discount 5% = Group Leader discount 7.5%).

If you have questions on becoming a Group Leader or on Group Discounts, contact us at [email protected] or call us toll free at 800.779.0353.