WAI Coronavirus Policy

This page is a work in progress. Please check back for updates as circumstances evolve.

As of December 13, 2021

The planet is enduring strange and challenging times. More than any other time in recorded history, life has been put on a global pause. Over the past 22 months, we have all been sifting through information, listening to the thoughts of friends and loved ones, attempting to distill the often-conflicting data points into a new paradigm of reality and courses of action for decisions that must be confronted.

At WAI, we decided early in 2021 to begin the process of reopening. One of the truths travel teaches us is that life involves regularly confronting risk. Absolute certainty and absolute clarity is a myth. Succumbing to the threat of risk results in attrition and decay and a cycle of inward contraction. Of course, it falls to each of us to individually determine when and how to step out and re-engage. At WAI, we have decided to prudently and respectfully confront uncertainty!

Staying focused on the thrill of the Adventure is what we do best, but we do need to address some of these lingering challenges together. The purpose of this message is to identify steps we can take together to begin the transition back to “normal” travel.

From February 2020 until March 2021, WAI cancelled all but a handful of van tours. Starting in April 2021 we began to operate a growing selection of tours, albeit with a smaller group size and with a watchful eye on health precautions. In addition to the concept of a healthy co-existence with risk, we encountered two other covid-related realities as we traveled in 2021:

  1. Walking and our format of travel are inherently healthy. We are outdoors much of the time imbibing fresh air and exposing ourselves to life-giving doses of vitamin D, apparently the vitamin in which the human race is most deficient. We are engaging our minds and being challenged mentally and intellectually. And we are interacting with others and stimulating each other continually, an area in which mitigation procedures oft resorted to during this pandemic have been sadly deficient.
  2. It turns out that, by and large, touring buses in the USA have highly efficient air circulation systems, surpassing, by a significant margin, even the much-touted commercial airline circulations systems.

Nevertheless, though we at WAI have thought deeply about travel and COVID-19, each person, each traveler, must evaluate their own situation, their own health and their own risk tolerance to decide whether to travel.

Below are links to two documents related to our current approach to COVID-19:

  1. The first is Our Approach to Fun but Prudent Travel, a summary of the mechanics of how we expect to travel together, at least in 2022, given the continued existence of the virus.
  2. The second document is the COVID-19 Travel Waiver. This is a way for you to assure us that you have considered these issues and are taking responsibility for them. For the time being, participation in 2022 tours requires your assent to the statements contained in this waiver.

Please feel free to reach out with questions ([email protected]).

We love planning experiential travel for you! We love experiencing our world with you!

WAI has operated tours for over 30 years, and we are well practiced in adapting nimbly to evolving circumstances. Although small, our team, both in the field and in the office, is world-class. Every tour relies on 24/7 support from our home office. Local WAI partners are reliable, responsive and effective. Our ongoing commitment is to respond consistently to all unforeseen events with professionalism, compassion, and competence. Thank you for being part of the Adventure!