General Terms & Conditions


Walking Adventures International (WAI) plans and guides walking adventures that combine international and domestic travel with recreational walking. Our programs blend walking with historic, cultural, and scenic highlights of the areas through which we travel.


For most tours, reservations may be secured by paying a non-refundable deposit of $300 per person. Upon registration, travelers receive an invoice showing the due date for the remaining balance (90 days prior to departure for most tours). A reminder statement is sent about 3 weeks prior to the due date. WAl accepts payment in the form of money order, personal check, or credit card (MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, or Discover).


Prices quoted in each brochure are per person with two travelers sharing a room. Though it happens infrequently, surcharges are sometimes necessary to cover unexpected additional charges levied by airlines or tour operators (e.g. fuel surcharges). In the unlikely event we encounter government shutdowns, strikes, natural disasters, social disturbances, etc., modifications to our itinerary may be necessary for the safety and convenience of our travelers. We will do our utmost to preserve or improve the original objectives of the itinerary, but regret that we cannot issue refunds to travelers when such modifications become necessary. In rare cases, a surcharge may be necessary to cover additional expenses incurred for extra services and/or accommodations. International travel arrangements are subject to foreign currency fluctuations. Consequently, though rarely necessary, prices quoted may be subject to an adjustment due to any change in foreign currency rates.

Not Included

Airfare; passport or VISA fees; passenger facility taxes levied by domestic or foreign airports (airport taxes); meals not listed in the itinerary; beverages for any included lunches or dinners; tips for housekeeping; trip cancellation or other travel insurance; phone calls; valet/laundry services and other services of a personal nature; and porterage of luggage.

Tour Itinerary Deviations

Travelers sometimes ask if they can join or leave the tour somewhere en route. It is difficult to serve these travelers without shortchanging those signed up for the full, advertised itinerary. We regret that we cannot accommodate mid-tour itinerary deviation requests.

Tour Cancellations

Walking Adventures International reserves the right to cancel any tour departure with fewer than 12 participants, in which case registered participants will receive a 100% refund of payments received.

If transportation or other services are canceled by WAI, all sums paid to WAI, and eligible for refund to travelers, for services not performed in accordance with the contract between the WAI and the participant will be refunded within thirty days of receiving the funds from the supplier with whom the services were arranged. If WAI had not yet sent the funds to the supplier, the funds shall be returned to the participant within fourteen days after cancellation by WAI, unless the participant asks WAI to apply the money to another tour.

Many suppliers require non-refundable deposits as a condition of booking services. Unforeseen circumstances, for example those related to COVID-19, may force us to cancel the tour. Due to these supplier’s nonrefundable policies, WAI aims to retrieve as much of these deposits as possible, but cannot guarantee a 100% refund. In cases where full refunds cannot be obtained, we do our best to transfer unrefunded money as traveler credits to be applied to a future tour to that destination.


Please be sure you understand these cancellation terms. Once you have registered, your spot is secured. As departure day approaches, filling a cancelled spot becomes more difficult. Cancellation terms are therefore necessary . Our standard cancellation policy holds true for most tours. In cases where contracts with travel vendors impose earlier cancellation penalties, we will notify travelers of these adjusted cancellation penalties in details published online with the tour itinerary and in initial tour literature emailed to newly registered travelers. Otherwise, to reserve your space on a tour, a non-refundable $300 deposit is required. Final payment is due 90 days before departure and are non-refundable after the due date. No refunds are possible for unused or cancelled services once the tour has commenced.

Travel Insurance

Walking Adventures International strongly recommends the purchase of travel insurance. Many years of helping travelers deal with unexpected circumstances that require cancellation of their travel plans have made us believers in the benefits of this form of insurance.


The tour price generally excludes air travel. The starting point for the tour is generally our arrival airport or first hotel. Group air travel is usually not advantageous given the need to meet at a common gateway and restrictions to groups. Meeting at a common gateway precludes the most effective routing and restrictions can include use of air miles and seat reservations. When air travel is necessary within the itinerary, cost of air travel is usually included, though pricing packages sometimes make combining these internal flights with international legs of air travel more advisable. Group air travel is therefore considered on a case by case basis and management and purchase of air travel is explained and advised in the brochure, the brochure adventure memo that accompanies the brochure, and in the subsequent Adventure Advice. In cases where group air travel is offered, travelers should realize that airlines occasionally, though rarely, raise their rates between the date the brochure is published and the date of travel. In addition, airport tax and fuel surcharges can also increase during this period. In the unlikely event this happens, WAI may need to add a surcharge to the airfare package or tour price.


Accommodations range for the most part from tourist-class to superior tourist-class or better. In all cases, facilities are en suite. Travelers may request a roommate and are put in contact with other travelers also seeking roommates. Alternatively, travelers may request their own single room for an additional fee. This supplement assures the traveler of a room to themselves. It does not necessarily cover the expense of a fullsized double room and does not guarantee them two seats on the motorcoach. In much of the world, single rooms are smaller than double rooms but still more costly, on a per person basis, than sharing a double room.

Land Transportation

WAI endeavors to find the best motorcoaches available. For the time being, we have suspended our seat-rotation system due to COVID-19. Seats may not be reserved on the coach.

Luggage Handling

Though WAI guides are sensitive to those needing help with luggage, porterage is generally not included on our tours. Transporting luggage to the traveler’s hotel room is ultimately the responsibility of the traveler. As experienced travelers will tell you, this is just one incentive to travel light. Luggage is limited to one large or two small suitcases per person plus carry-on type luggage. This is necessary to meet the limitations of luggage space beneath the coach.


Walks vary in length (3 to 7 miles maximum per day) and difficulty. Most walks are planned by WAI staff or hosted by local walking clubs. WAI uses a walk difficulty rating system which contains a numeric indicator for trail incline and an alpha indicator for trail terrain. Participation in walks is always optional. Because we normally offer a full schedule, travelers are encouraged to pace themselves and should not feel obligated to participate in all walks.

Whenever possible, WAI endeavors to use walk routes sanctioned by the International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV or volkssport). Some walks, however, may be in the process of being sanctioned at the time the tour brochure was printed, or are in countries in which volkssport has not yet been organized. IVV sanctioning cannot be guaranteed. Most foreign clubs do not typically use a “difficulty” rating system.

Tour Pace / Physical Conditioning

As would be expected with a walking tour, our itinerary is aggressive and designed to offer the traveler as much exposure to the areas we visit as possible. In order to maximize enjoyment of these sometimes rigorous and always rewarding Adventures, it is important that travelers be in good physical condition.

Travelers with Disabilities

Travelers with disabilities are welcome provided that they have a traveling companion who can assist them if the traveler’s disability prevents them from being fully independent.

Traveler’s Perspective

As with most things, the benefit you receive from this experience will depend to a large degree on the frame of mind you have at the outset. If you’ve not traveled outside the U.S. before, here are a few things of which to be aware:

  • WAI is a provider of international travel experiences planned by a small but dedicated team from a single office in Washington State. Our geographic reach is broad; depending on the destination, we may visit annually or biennually. We provide a low-volume, boutiqueservice style of travel.
  • Travelers who match well with our travel programs value authenticity and spontaneity over precision and a flawless execution of the itinerary. To varying degrees, hotels, food, and local customs are different in other countries. This can be uncomfortable… and exciting!
  • Though we continue to look for ways to slow the pace of our “Adventures,” we still believe in providing a full day’s opportunities for our travelers. On some days, we may spend a significant amount of time on the bus.
  • Group travel, by its nature, involves giving up a certain degree of individual convenience. Though we strive for individual flexibility, much of the time we all need to be “headed in the same direction.”

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