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Tour Name Start Date Region Status
British Isles 2020
Come walk with us past thatch-roofed houses in the Cotswolds, through Beatrix Potter’s beloved Lake District, and along the streets of charming Edinburgh.
2020/08 Space Available!
Atlantic Canada: Newfoundland 2020
Featuring an exploration of the island of Newfoundland, with stops in St. John's, Cape Spear, Gros Morne National Park, L'Anse aux Meadows, Port au Choix and more!
2020/09 , Space Available!
Ireland 2020
Experience Ireland. Enjoy the Celtic history of this charming island, from the majestic sea cliffs of Northern Ireland to the pub culture of the Dingle Peninsula!
2020/06 Space Available!
Morocco 2020
A NEW Adventure! Highlights include Marrakesh, the Atlas Mountains, Chefchaouen and the oases of the Sahara Desert!
2020/04 2 Spaces Available
Costa Rica 2020
Costa Rica is an explosion of life! No other country on the planet has a greater number of species per square mile or offers so many fun and educational pursuits for the traveler in such a small package!
2020/03 , Space Available!
Route 66: Mother Road 2020
Join us as we trace the Mother Road from Chicago to Santa Monica, reliving American history as we wind our way through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, the panhandle of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, till we reach our road's end in California!
2020/10 , 2 Spaces Available
Alpine Mountain Magic 2020
Offering walks and activities amidst the gorgeous Alpine areas of Europe!
2020/09 2 Spaces Available
Heritage of France 2021
This tour takes in the countryside vistas and coastal views of Northern France, starting in Chantilly and finishing in Paris!
2021/08 Space Available!
Danube River Cruise 2020
This 7-country Danube River Cruise takes us through Eastern Europe, starting in Vienna, Austria, and continuing on through Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania.
2020/09 Trip Full, Accepting Standbys
Portugal & Azores 2021
In addition to the idyllic region of the Douro River Valley, we delve into areas north and south as we explore this unpolished travel gem, finishing up in Lisbon.
2021/04 Space Available!
Peru, Galápagos, Bolivia 2021
Peru & Machu Picchu form the focal point of this tour, with additional add-ons to the Galápagos Islands and Bolivia's Lake Titicaca available!
2021/05 Space Available!
Discovering Hawaii 2020
Take in the islands of Hawaii, Maui and Oahu on a walking tour! Explore the Valley of the Kings, Volcanoes National Park, the Place of Refuge, Akaka Falls State Park and more!
2020/02 , 3 Spaces Available
Cruising Russia 2021
Join us on a cruise through this diverse and fascinating country, starting in Moscow and finishing in St. Petersburg.
2021/08 Space Available!
Wild China 2020
Join us on a journey through Wild China, featuring the far southwest Chinese province of Yunnan. Myanmar Extension available!
2020/03 Space Available!
Atlantic Canada: Maritime Provinces 2020
Offering walks and activities in the Maritime Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.
2020/09 , 2 Spaces Available
Greece & Turkey 2021
Our exploration of the fabled land of Greece spans the chronology of Western Civilization, bringing to life the legends of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. Part 2 of this Adventure brings us to lively Turkey, one of the most colorful countries we've ever visited!
2021/10 , , Space Available!
Sri Lanka & Bhutan 2021
Sri Lanka showcases an abundance of wildlife and an ancient civilization famous for its diversity, and a brand-new itinerary takes us into Bhutan, nestled in the Himalayas between India and China.
2021/01 Space Available!
Christmas in the Alps 2021
Offering a rich Yuletide experience in Bavaria, Germany and northern Austria with walks, festive activities and visits to the Christmas Markets!
2021/12 Space Available!
Norway 2021
Pristine mountains, the Viking story, immense glaciers, pounding waterfalls, mirror-smooth lakes, and the seemingly endless vistas of unforgettable fjords make Norway a walking explorer’s delight!
2021/06 Space Available!
Israel & Jordan 2021
Explore Israel on foot! We start and finish in Tel Aviv, taking in an abundance of historical and Biblical sites within this exotic, bewildering, and enchanting land!
2021/02 , Space Available!
Hidden Iceland 2021
Featuring Iceland’s otherworldly landscapes in winter - with snowy walks, icicle-tipped waterfalls, hot springs, geysers, glaciers, northern lights and more!
2021/09 Space Available!
Captivating Cuba 2020
Land of salsa dancing, breathtaking beaches, classic cars and more! Join us for our first visit to Captivating Cuba!
2020/02 , 1 Space Available
Hiking Swiss & French Alps 2021
Are you ready for Alpine sensory overload?! Cable cars, mountain vistas, windowboxes, cogwheel trains, Alpine trails, cowbells, and more!
2021/07 Space Available!
Oberammergau Play 2020
Featuring the historic event - the Oberammergau Passion Play 2020! As well as walks and activities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Liechtenstein.
2020/05 Trip Full, Accepting Standbys
Unforgettable Utah 2020
With walks and activities in Utah's 5 national parks and 4 state parks, each day offers its own eye-popping experience of canyon-country excellence!
2020/10 , Space Available!
Wonders of Oregon 2021
Wonders of Oregon - snowcapped mountains, crystalline lakes, stately groves of evergreens, ancient volcanoes, pristine rivers, coastal scenery, and more!
2021/08 , Space Available!
Oberammergau Play 2020
Featuring the historic event - the Oberammergau Passion Play 2020! As well as walks and activities in Germany, Austria, Italy, Oberammergau and Liechtenstein.
2020/09 Trip Full, Accepting Standbys
Smoky Mountains 2020
North Carolina's Smoky Mountains offer a treasure trove of outdoor delights bedecked in beautiful fall foliage colors, experienced from our base in Asheville.
2020/10 , Space Available!
Atlantic Canada: Newfoundland & Maritimes 2020
Explore Atlantic Canada, featuring walks and activities throughout Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island!
2020/09 , Space Available!
Great Lakes & AVA Convention 2021
Announcing a new itinerary featuring the AVA Convention in 2021 and the Great Lakes area.
2021/06 , , Space Available!
CVF Convention 2020
Join walkers from around North America to celebrate walking and volkssport at the 2020 Convention in Yellowknife, hosted by the Canadian Volkssport Federation!
2020/06 , , 1 Space Available
Chile 2021
Announcing a new Adventure to rugged and beautiful Chile.
2021/03 Space Available!
Classic Italy
Rome, Florence, Venice, Siena, Orvieto, Cinque Terre and more! Explore the history, culture and scenery of Classic Italy on foot.
2021/09 Space Available!
Vietnam & Cambodia 2021
Relax on deck as we cruise past picturesque Vietnamese villages, walk through markets saturated with exotic sights, learn firsthand the dramatic story of Cambodia, and stand amidst the awesome spectacle of the Angkor Temples.
2021/11 Space Available!
Morocco 2021
Highlights include Marrakesh, the Atlas Mountains, Chefchaouen and the oases of the Sahara Desert!
2021/04 Space Available!
Danube River Cruise 2021
This 7-country Danube River Cruise takes us through Eastern Europe, starting in Bucharest, Romania and continuing on through Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, and finishing up in classical Vienna, Austria.
2021/09 Space Available!
Québec & Montréal Christmas 2020
Enjoy the delightful decorations and holiday spirit of Canada’s two most iconic French-speaking cities, Montréal and Québec, while exploring cobblestoned historic districts, holiday scenes, twinkling nighttime lights, and festive Christmas markets.
2020/12 , Space Available!
Captivating Cuba 2021
Land of salsa dancing, breathtaking beaches, classic cars and more! Join us for a visit to Captivating Cuba!
2021/02 , Space Available!
Spain’s Camino de Santiago 2021
Featuring a taste of Spain's Camino de Santiago. We'll walk 115 kilometers in all, from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela.
2021/05 Space Available!
Springtime in Manhattan 2021
With walks exploring the different regions of Manhattan, along with excursions and other activities to highlight the best the Big Apple has to offer!
2021/05 , Space Available!
Heart of Dixie 2021
A Volkssport tour featuring walks and activities throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia, with an extension available to the Texas Trail Roundup International Walk Fest!
2021/02 , Space Available!