Hiking the Appalachian Trail

October 2024 • 16 Days • 2022 pricing ~ $5150

Based upon April 2023 survey results, Hiking the Appalachian Trail is now open for “pre-registration”. Basic tour information is provided on this webpage, along with a map. An email will soon go out inviting travelers to hold their spots with a refundable $100 preregistration deposit.

Tours which are popular in the pre-registration phase will continue to be developed into final itineraries with firm dates, detailed itineraries, and final pricing. Traveler who pre-register will have priority access to full registration, which requires an additional $200 ($300 total registration) when the tour is finalized.

Tour Type: Classic Curated, Hiking, Volkssport


We are thrilled to offer one of our newer adventures dedicated to exploring portions of the famous 2200 mile-long Appalachian Trail in all 14 states through which it passes.

While portions of the Appalachian Trail are gentle with even footing, most of the trail traverses mountainous and rolling terrain with plenty of uneven footing. This is a hiking adventure more than a walking adventure, so solid, sturdy footwear, walking sticks, and a healthy dose of stamina and conditioning are necessary companions on this journey.

While our primary focus is hiking the Appalachian Trail in each state, other rewarding stops along the way add value and context, including a guided tour of West Point Military Academy and visits to Monticello (Thomas Jefferson’s home) and Gettysburg National Battlefield.


  • Vermont – featuring a trail that starts with the intensity of Thundering Falls, a 140-foot cascade near Kent Pond, before continuing a long uphill climb through old-growth forest along the Appalachian Trail to Gifford Woods State Park
  • Massachusetts – where we walk from the small town of Cheshire, set along the Hoosic River, to enjoy autumn reflections in Gore Pond and a spectacular fall foliage viewpoint known as “The Cobbles”
  • West Virginia – and the multi-layered hamlet of Harper’s Ferry, set at the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers, and a crossroads of historic events such as the initiation of the first successful American railroad and the pre-Civil War apprehension of fiery abolitionist John Brown by none other than Robert E. Lee.
  • Tennessee – offering a lovely forested walk to Laurel Falls, a hidden waterfall gem

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