Vancouver Island

June  2024 • 9 Days • Pricing TBD

Based upon April 2023 survey results, Vancouver Island is now open for “pre-registration”. Basic tour information is provided on this webpage. An email will soon go out inviting travelers to hold their spots with a refundable $100 preregistration deposit.

Tours which are popular in the pre-registration phase will continue to be developed into final itineraries with firm dates, detailed itineraries, and final pricing. Traveler who pre-register will have priority access to full registration, which requires an additional $200 ($300 total registration) when the tour is finalized.

Tour Type: Classic Curated


Not far north of WAI headquarters, rimming the northern border of Washington State’s Puget Sound across the Juan de Fuca Strait, lies Vancouver Island, largest island on the Pacific Coast of North America.

WAI groups have several times visited its popular provincial capital, Victoria, and each time we’ve heard about the natural wonderlands that lie further north. WAI guide, Scott Isom, our Washington State expert, has been probing possibilities and talking with local walking friends.

We are happy to announce a trip dedicated to Vancouver Island in 2024. Planning is still in-progress, but listed here are a few likely highlights.


  • Nanaimo – a classic West Coast community surrounded by natural beauty, boasting one of Canada’s longest shorelines, and known for its bouquet of colorful murals featured on our walk
  • Ucluelet – a place of rugged beauty on the wild Pacific side of Vancouver Island. Activities abound, including the eye-popping natural beauty of Wild Pacific Trail and Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop, trails Scott claims to be among the best he’s done for some time.
  • Tofino – situated at the northern tip of the Esowista Peninsula (Ucluelet is on the south end), Tofino offers more Vancouver Island delights – several outstanding nature trails, plus bear viewing and whale watching, to name a few – and claims to be the surfing capital of Canada as well
  • Butchart Gardens & Victoria – always full of charm and grace Victoria, named for the beloved British queen, is a great place to soak in a bit of Vancouver Island sophistication with a superb walk, tea at the Empress Hotel, and the splendid Butchart Gardens, which never fails to disappoint

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