Petra – One of Our Top 10 Walking Destinations!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Petra is one of our top 10 walking destinations, and is showcased on our Israel and Egypt itineraries.

Here is a description of our day in Petra with a slideshow of our day’s activities!

A full day is allotted to roaming the Rose Red City of Petra. This breathtaking collection of sandstone formations with hues of red, yellow, gray, and orange was carved into magnificent facades by Nabatean tribes 2000 years ago to serve as tombs for their nobles. Our standard route threads through the narrow, winding canyon to the signature sculpting – the Treasury – then continues past a host of other tombs. For those interested in a more challenging route, additional options may be offered by your WAI guide. A Petra By Night experience may be also be available, offering a chance to see Petra by candlelight.

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