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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]By Dan Friesen on April 10, 2015

Scott and I landed in Prague this afternoon after uneventful flights, picked up our rental car, and headed into the heart of the city to meet Hildrun, our favorite Austrian guide who is helping us develop this new walking tour program in Eastern Europe.

The Charles Bridge on Prague's Vltava River
The Charles Bridge on Prague’s Vltava River

It’s my first return to Prague since 2006 – a city I’ve visited several times dating back to my first ever Walking Adventures tour with my father, George, in 1992. The changes to Prague, and in the Czech Republic, are no less profound than the contrast between monochrome and color. In 1992, the days of communism and Soviet repression were still fresh, and a culture that had survived 50 years of a closed economy and repressive government was just beginning to experiment with self-rule, democracy, and free enterprise.

With Hildrun’s help, I had selected a hotel in Lesser Town – Mala Strana – very near the Vltava River and a stone’s throw from the famed 14th century Charles Bridge. Dinner with Hildrun at a local restaurant we’re considering for the group was a delight. Czech fare is hearty and meaty and usually accompanied with dumplings and always accompanied by pivo – beer. The Czechs love their beer and by tomorrow evening we intend to be in Pilsen, home of Pilsener beer.

Spires of the monastery at sunset - Prague
Spires of the monastery at sunset – Prague

After dinner, we took a jet-lag chasing stroll along the Vltava River and through Prague’s Old Town, considering adjustments to tomorrow’s walk planning. It was a lovely warm April evening and the squares and lanes were full of people enjoying the outdoor opportunities warmer weather brings.

A very long day of transit ended back at our hotel with an ice cream treat and the first horizontal sleep we’d had for over 36 hours! Tomorrow, we plan our Prague walk – really just making adjustments to a walk we’ve done several times in the past.

Prague at night: Charles Bridge with Prague Castle
Prague at night: Charles Bridge with Prague Castle

7 thoughts on “Prague Blog – Enjoying the Paris of the East!

  1. Margie Martin says:

    I have many fond memories of Prague from my first WAI tour in 1996. I am still enjoying my watercolor of the Charles Bridge. I would love to revisit.

    • WalkingAdventures says:

      Mary Ann, Margie, and Andrea… I didn’t realize this was the first trip for all of you! Isn’t it incredible all the amazing things we’ve seen together in the interim. I would NEVER have anticipated it. Thanks for being part of this journey with me!!

  2. Mary Ann Ciesla says:

    You have brought back memories of my first trip with WAI. We walked Prague and had a wonderful guide that took us through the palace and the old town area. Just wonderful memories. Can’t wait to go back.

  3. Alice Wilhelm says:

    Can’t wait till finalized! This has been on Hans’ bucket list for a very long time. I’m back to walking again since the Croatia WAI trip. It took 5 full months to repair a torn tendon. We’re ready to hit it again!

  4. Hans Wilhelm says:

    As soon as you have dates (even what month) for this, let us know, since my calendar gets scheduled a year in advance… I want to reserve those dates!

    • WalkingAdventures says:

      Hans, right now we are looking at 2 likely tours – one in early May and the other in middle to late June. Hotel availability has a lot to do with the final date selection but this is what we are currently aiming for. We may not get final answers on this until July. We are pushing for earlier so we can all know our plans for next year. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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