Dan’s Photo Tips – Power of Light

Guide Dan Friesen has put together some quick travel photography pointers he’s learned on the go. Here’s one of his quick tips!

The Power of Light!

No environmental variable is more important to good photos than good light.

Generally, light should be shining on, or angled onto, the side of the subject facing you, the photographer. The light will then illuminate the features of the person or monument, etc, you are trying to photograph. Photos taken with the light coming from behind the subject usually throw the features of the person or object into shadow.

Here are a couple photo examples of good light use.

New Zealand
Good lighting – Take a look at the shadow. The sun is shining directly on the subject’s face.
Walking the French & Swiss Alps
Good lighting – Again, sunlight shines on their faces.

Here are a couple examples of poor lighting.

Smoky Mountains
Poor lighting – Note the direction of their shadows. The sun is shining from behind them, throwing their features into darkness.
Walking the French and Swiss Alps
Poor lighting – Once more, look at the shadows. The light is coming from behind these travelers.

Good lighting:

Good lighting – Light is shining on their faces.

Poor lighting:

Australia Sydney
Poor lighing – The direction of the light obscures rather than defines the subjects’ features.


Crazy Horse Tour Devils Tour
Good lighting.


Walking the French & Swiss Alps
Poor lighting.

The next Photo Tip – How to Use a Flash!

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