Taste of Travel Seminar – COVID-19 virus

Taste of TravelWe have received inquiries regarding the current coronavirus situation in the Seattle area. As the Seattle area has been at the forefront of the coronavirus news cycle this week, we have been closely monitoring the situation, as well as that in other parts of the globe, and will continue to do so. We extend our thoughts and prayers towards those impacted by the COVID-19 virus.

Though our team discussed, and considered, rescheduling the Taste of Travel seminar to another date, we have decided to continue with this event as planned. We are taking our standard precautions to maintain sanitary conditions and ensure the health of those in attendance. And we believe that while reasonable precautions are necessary and advisable to maintain health and safety in any situation, at home or abroad, we wish to support our conviction that participation in everyday activities, in life itself, and in travel as well, is still advisable and ongoing in this situation.

That being said, we encourage every traveler to make the decision of whether to attend tomorrow’s show using their own good judgement, and based on their own health status.

If you have any questions or comments on this statement, please do let us know!

We look forward to sharing our love of travel and life with you all tomorrow at the Mercer Island Community Center.

The WAI Team

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