Danube River Cruise

September 2024 • 12 Days • 2020 pricing ~ $4990

Transylvania Pre-tour
4 Days • 2020 pricing ~ $1490

Based upon April 2023 survey results, Danube River Cruise is now open for “pre-registration”. Basic tour information is provided on this webpage, along with a map. An email will soon go out inviting travelers to hold their spots with a refundable $100 preregistration deposit.

Tours which are popular in the pre-registration phase will continue to be developed into final itineraries with firm dates, detailed itineraries, and final pricing. Traveler who pre-register will have priority access to full registration, which requires an additional $200 ($300 total registration) when the tour is finalized.

Tour Type: Classic Curated, Small Ship Cruising


Join us for a unique Adventure that combines walking, river cruising, and Old-World history and culture!

This 7-country Danube River Cruise threads its way through Eastern Europe, starting in Bucharest, and continuing along the Danube through Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria, finishing in lovely Vienna.

Our floating hotel is a small ship with approximately 100 to 125 passengers, a relaxing way to Adventure where travelers unpack their bags for 10 days and imbibe a sense of sailing through a moving postcard as we cruise the Danube.


  • Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest – three beautiful Old-World capitals built on the banks of the Danube
  • Serbia – with two fascinating stops, including surprisingly chic Belgrade, and the chance to enjoy pastoral scenes of the countryside on a delightful excursion to the village of Jarak
  • A diverse series of walks – Bucharest, Romania; Belogradchik Rocks, Bulgaria; Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia; Osijek, Croatia; Budapest, Hungary; and Bratislava, Slovakia
Danube River Cruise Map

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Danube River Cruise 2024